Traditional Brands & Manufacturers

Warehouse Management System for Omni-channel order fulfilment, for brands and manufacturers that sell through distributors, offline stores, and online.

Traditional brands have been selling products through offline retail or distributor networks traditionally. With the e-commerce revolution, presence in the online channel is imperative to provide an omnichannel experience for customers. This increases complexity in the order fulfilment process and needs a transformation to handle the speed and scale of operations from the warehouse.

A robust, flexible and scalable WMS is necessary to meet your customer expectations across all channels. Stockone helps brands manage their warehouse operations – our product is easy to implement, can integrate with the ecosystem of technology products, and is flexible to adapt to the changes in business as the DTC segment evolves.

Online B2C Hyperlocal Delivery Business (Dark Store Operations)

End-to-End Inventory Management for dark-store and backend warehouse operations.
Pick your orders in less than 2 minutes

There has been a recent uptick in the hyperlocal delivery business for various categories of products, mainly groceries, across the world. Most of these companies source from manufacturers or distributors and work with a hub and spoke model – backend warehouse/s and several dark stores in a city. Each dark store fulfills customer orders within a few km depending on delivery commitments. These dark stores are supplied from a hub/backend warehouse located at the outskirts of the city. The main challenge is to meet the SLA’s from the dark store – order to dispatch time of < 2 min while managing inventory (especially F&V and groceries) effectively and reduce wastages. Implementing a robust, scalable, and flexible technology platform is critical to success.

With workflows designed exclusively for dark store operations combined with scalable technology infrastructure, Stockone helps companies manage and scale their dark store operations smoothly. Stockone can integrate seamlessly (thru APIs) with front-end applications, last mile, and financial systems required for running the supply chain for a hyperlocal delivery business.

D2C Brands

Single source of truth for Inventory Management across the supply chain – Procurement, Production, Distribution, and Fulfilment for D2C brands that sell across marketplaces, own websites and B2B channels.

Exclusive D2C brands manufacture and sell products through their own websites and marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Big basket and offline channels. There are 3 key elements to run a successful D2C supply chain execution (1) Real-time visibility and interface between multiple systems, including 3PLs (2) Accurate & timely order fulfilment to ensure customer retention and therefore repeat orders (3) Managing the returns process from customers efficiently. Companies that are able to manage these three elements at scale will emerge as winners.

At Stockone, we provide D2C with a single source of truth for inventories across their supply chain – raw materials, conversion to FG and finished goods across the distribution network. We integrate with order management, 3PL and financial systems to provide end to end visibility and automate execution.